Street Zen

Street Zen is a term we use in our Order to denote any practice of Zazen in public spaces. When practicing Street Zen understand the purpose is nothing other than Zazen. We are not protesting or even holding a vigil. We are bearing witness to serene reflection meditation, the practice of Zazen. Street Zen is the practice of being peace, period.

Make certain you are not trespassing and that the space you are using is clearly in the public domain.

Use zabuton and zafu, your robe, beads, bell and incense.

It is permissible to have a small sign that reads “PEACE,” or “Peace Witness,” or “Earth Witness.”

It is not permissible to seek converts to Zen as a religion. It is permissible to offer instruction in the practice of Zazen.

If people address you during your practice period, place your hands together, bow and receive their question. Answer simply and directly without politics or debate. If someone is antagonistic, simply place your hands together, bow, and resume your Zazen.

It is a good idea to select a space and use that space on a regular basis at regular times.

It is a good idea to have identification with you, water, and sunscreen or hat.

You may make simple handouts with instructions for Zazen.