Create a Home-Based Meditation Group




Creating  a Home-Based Sitting Group

It is not easy to practice alone and most of us would like to share the joys of Silent Illumination Meditation, discuss what we are studying and learning, and, in general , establish a sangha.  We are here to support you in this effort.

First, it is important to recognize your limitations.  It is wonderful to have a desire to establish a home-based sitting group, but it is a whole other thing to deal with the issues such an effort raise.  There are several issues that immediately come to mind. For example, if you are not a formally sanctioned teacher in our lineage, do not teach.  Make sure you are comfortable with having strangers come into your home.  Do you have the ability to be consistent?  Will you be able to practice at the time allotted even if no one comes week after week?  Explore these questions and if you still want to create a home group here are a few first steps:

1. Select a time and a space.  This will be your sitting group so make sure  you pick a time when you will always be available.  The space you select should be open with some wall space.  It is desirable, but not absolutely required.  The most important thing

2. Create a name for your group.  Usually something simple and straightforward works best and it should say what it is, for example, “Willow Street Meditation Group” might work if you live on Willow Street.

3.  Make small strips of paper with the group’s meeting information on them and place them in your area.  Bulletin boards in coffee shops are ideal.

4.  You might submit a press release to your local paper weekly regarding your group.

5. On-line services such as “Meet-Up,” “Face Book,” and “Yahoo Groups”  might be good marketing tools, but have a simple web page created through a website creator like as a standard.  If you affiliate with us, we will add your page to our website’s list of affiliates.

6. Make simple business cards regarding your group and don’t be afraid to hand them out or pin them up where you see other business cards posted.

7.Always ask.  If you have any questions, need support, or just need to talk something over, please write to us.  We will be happy to assist you.